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While Culture Guides presently incubates under Transformation Roadtrip LLC, here's a tribute to the past and a glimpse of the future. 

Culture Guides, Inc. Your Bridge Across Language and Culture from 1996-2009

Culture Guides' Past

From 1996 to 2009, Culture Guides, Inc. acted as a bridge across language and culture, delivering interpreting, translation, and advocacy services to people with Limited English Proficiency and the organizations that served them.

One of the first State of Missouri contractors for linguistic services, Culture Guides held state-wide contracts for all state agencies for a decade and served eastern Kansas state agencies as well. At our peak, over 125 interpreters and translators in 40+ languages bridged the gap for people with Limited English Proficiency and those who served them. 

Although Culture Guides as a business closed in the aftermath of the Great Recession, some things remain certain:

  • Everyone has inherent worth and dignity, no matter their background
  • Everyone has their unique gifts to offer the world¬†
  • Everyone benefits when we ensure that everyone's basic needs are met
  • Everyone can make a difference
  • Everyone thrives when we all thrive

These are the lessons we can all carry forward into creating a better world. Together. 

That was the essence of Culture Guides then, and that's the core of Culture Guides now, even as it incubates before the next role in transforming the world. 

‚ÄĒJackie Ambrow, M.A., C.Ht., Founder, President and Supervising Anthropologist of Culture Guides, Inc.¬†

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Culture Guides' Future 

Exactly what the next version looks like remains unclear. 

What is clear is that humans who are undergoing breakthrough benefit from the synergy of holistic, multidisciplinary approaches to transformative change, such as:

  1. Applied Anthropology:  Take what we know about human beings and being human to solve real-world problems. Expand that practice to apply principles and values that allow humans (and our planet) to thrive. 
  2. Applied Subconscious Behavioral Science (Hypnotherapy and EFT):  Help individuals and groups to understand behavior happening below the level of conscious awareness, to become more aware of our choices, and to use the power of our subconscious "autopilot" to align with and achieve what we consciously desire. 

You'll find this powerful combination at Positively H.U.B. - Humans Undergoing Breakthrough, a new brand at our company Transformation Roadtrip LLC.  

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